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[New Episode Spoiler] Will Rudeus and Sylphy Reunite in Mushoku Tensei?

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation has a typical isekai plot. It contains some truly horrific violence and heartbreaking situations.

It’s an anime that sparked much controversy when it first aired but has since stood firm by acing all the character and anime rankings.

With a successful season with 23 episodes, Mushoku Tensai has already started airing its 2nd Season in July 2023 and has taken quite an interesting turn where it left the first season.

With the introduction of its second season 6th episode named Ranoa University of Magic, we see Rudeus and Sylphy, AKA Fitz, attending the same University.

Fans are anticipating that they both will reunite or will part away.

Letter of Invitation: Fated Reunion or Love Clash Between Them

In episode 4 of season 2, we see human God recommending him to enroll in Ranoa University and explore the teleportation tragedy there, telling him that doing so will heal his erectile issue.

Unknown to Rudeus, it’s the same University that Sylphy goes to disguised as a man. In the next episode, we see our protagonist tested by a boy named Fitz, aka Sylphy.

We see Rudeus defeating Fitz, who is accepted as a student and put into the same class as Sylphy.

Rudeus returns to his hostel when Fitz drops Ariel’s panties from a window above him; when Rudeus retrieves them, the female students surround him, accusing him of stealing them.

The dorm instructor attempts to punish him, but Fitz appears to rescue Rudeus, showing a girly side to a man, and also teases him by not relieving her identity.

Will rudeus and sylphy reunite?
Sylphy was hiding her identity and living as a male.

Rudeus continues to adjust to university life, and while studying with Fitz, he realizes he has a crush on Fitz, which confuses him because he still believes Fitz is male.

As Sylphie adjusts to school life with Rudeus back in her life, she realizes she has love feelings for him.

In the episode “The Kidnapping and Confinement of Beast Girls,” Fitz contemplates removing her sunglasses to show Rudeus her face, but she decides against it.

Sylphy wants to tell Rudeus her identity, but she fears he will forget about her.

In the episode “The White Mask, “we are introduced to a new character, Nanahoshi Shizuka, the girl that Rudesh saved in his real-life Earth before reincarnating; suspecting something is between them, Filtz is worried about their relationship but is glad to hear that Rudeus has no romantic feeling for Nanahoshi.

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The Feelings: Will Rudeus and Sylphy Reunite Together?

Fitz is still envious of Rudeus’s time working on Nanahoshi’s research, but he is too terrified to divulge her identity.

After the reconnection, Rudeus believes he has love feelings for Fitz, meeting him again in town and at the library.

Rudeus was confused about whether he was in love with a man!
Rudeus was confused about whether he was in love with a man!

Fitz inadvertently falls on top of Rudeus during another encounter at the library, confirming that she is female.

Rudeus intends to initiate a relationship with Fitz now that he knows his sex, and she holds the solution to cure his impotence.

In the Episode “To You,” now aware of Fitz’s secret, Ariel pressures her to confess her identity to him.

Sylphy begs Rudeus to accompany her to harvest a rare flower underground, secretly spell to cause it to rain, washing her and Rudeus before they can find safety inside a cave.

To her relief, Rudeus agrees and identifies her as Sylphie. Sylphie admits to being in love with Rudeus after being reunited with him.

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