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VTuber Model Commission

As the VTubing world expands, the demand for unique and personalized models grows. Commissioning a VTuber model is an excellent way to acquire an avatar that truly embodies your online persona. This article will guide you through the VTuber model commission process.

Understanding VTuber Model Commission

A VTuber model commission involves hiring an artist to create a custom virtual avatar for your VTubing activities. These models are usually in .vrm or .moc format and can be used in applications like VTube Studio to animate and stream.

The Significance of VTuber Model Commission

Personalized Avatars

A VTuber model commission allows for the creation of a unique avatar. The artist can customize every detail to align with your vision, from the color of the eyes to the style of the outfit.

Professional Quality

Commissioned models are created by skilled artists who have experience with 2D or 3D modeling software. This results in high-quality models that meet professional standards.

How to Commission a VTuber Model

Finding the Right Artist

The first step is to find an artist whose style matches what you envision for your VTuber model. You can find artists on various platforms such as Twitter, DeviantArt, or dedicated commission platforms like Artists&Clients.

Commissioning Process

Once you’ve found an artist, contact them to discuss your project. Provide clear and detailed information about what you want, including references if available. The artist will then create a sketch or base model for your approval before completing the work.

Pricing and Payment

Factors Determining the Price

The price of a VTuber model commission varies widely depending on the complexity of the design, the artist’s experience, and the time it takes to complete the model.

Payment Methods

Payment methods vary by artist. Most accept payments through PayPal, while others may also accept credit cards or cryptocurrency. Always ensure you have a clear agreement about payment before the work begins.


In conclusion, commissioning a VTuber model is a great way to get a unique, high-quality avatar that truly represents your online persona. It’s an investment in your VTubing journey that can greatly enhance your content and audience engagement.

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