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Seraphim Goku: A Fan-Made Or Real Character In the Dragon Ball Series?

Among many powerups and transformations from the Dragon Ball series, Seraphim Goku has been making fans curious about the character being canon.

Akira Toriyama created the Japanese media franchise Dragon Ball in 1984.

It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984 to 1995 and followed the adventures of protagonist Son Goku.

Goku was introduced as an eccentric, monkey-tailed boy possessing superhuman strength. Further, the characters of Dragon Ball used a variety of East Asian martial arts styles, including karate and kung fu.

Later, the manga was adapted and divided into two anime series: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball adapted the first 194 chapters of the manga, whereas Dragon Ball Z presented the latter 325 chapters.

Moreover, the character Goku undergoes a significant transformation in Dragon Ball Z and its sequel series.

Considered one of the strongest anime characters, fans are always examining Goku’s new transformation, including his seraphim form. But is Seraphim Goku a real character?

Seraphim Goku: A Fan-Made Or Real Character?

Discussions are taking place about Seraphim Goku, which appears to be Goku’s most powerful form.

However, Seraphim Goku does not actually exist. He is just a character made by a fan of the Dragon Ball series.

Youtuber and Patreon Callmearj is behind the origin of Seraphim Goku, as he has a dedicated channel for hand-drawn manga. The uniquely talented Youtuber hails from Ilford and has been fond of doodling since his childhood.

Further, Callmearj uses his platform to hand draw sketches and edit them into a video, along with subtitled narration and voice acting. In his channel, he introduces Seraphim Goku and Vegeta’s different forms and battles.

Youtuber Callmearj showing off a snippet of his video
Youtuber Callmearj showing off a snippet of his video (Source: Instagram)

Callmearj’s comic videos have amassed a huge following on his YouTube channel, with over 830k subscribers.

As theorized by fans, this form is so strong that he surpasses Ultra Vegito in power while also being 1000 times stronger than all angles.

Moreover, in this form, Goku’s eyes turn blue in color, and his power boost is so massive that his power is at the same level as Zeno’s guards.

Goku can also dodge every single attack from Vegito while in this form.

Besides, in the original series, Goku does have powers like Seraphim eyes, Seraphim Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan 2, which allows him to summon angels.

However, none of these powers caused the origin of Seraphim Goku in the original work. Fans seem to love this new upgrade in their favorite character, even though it is not canon.

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Goku Canon Powers In Dragon Ball Series

Goku has many skills that increase his strength and show his true potential.

He’s been able to deflect blasts that could turn planets into dust and has taken on fierce opponents.

Further, Goku has super strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, and healing, along with telepathy and teleportation.

One of the most iconic attacks used by the character is Kamehameha, which he has used in just about every battle he’s been in.

Moreover, Goku can use power like God Bind, where he freezes his opponents using his energy and hand motions.

Goku in Super Saiyan
Goku looks different in his Super Saiyan transformation (Source: Youtube)

Another popular transformation that he has is Super Saiyan, which only occurs when Goku is very angry and can go beyond Saiyan 2 and 3.

Further, Goku is also skilled in gathering energy from nearby life forms and turning it into a Spirit Bomb. This technique is usually a last resort, and he has been able only to kill one opponent with this attack.

In addition to all these attacks, Goku has transformed into a powerful form called Ultra Instinct. During this form, he is covered in a silver aura, with his abilities increased by tenfold.

Even though it puts much strain on his body, this transformation makes Goku nearly a God.

All this transformation is possible due to Goku’s training with different masters.

As the Dragon Ball Super manga is still ongoing, fans eagerly wait for new adventures of their beloved character.

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