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Nimu Nombre Real Face: What Does the VTuber Look Like In Real Life?

Many streamers keep their real appearances under wraps, and Nimu Nombre is one of them, but people want to learn what the Vtuber looks like in real life.

Nimu Nombre, or Nimu Supercat, is an Argentinian Vtuber who streams in the Spanish language.

Further, Nimu is recognized as one of the non-Japanese Vtubers with the most subscribers.

The streamer is also the first Latin American to reach one million subscribers on YouTube.

Moreover, Nimu mainly published content playing video games but now prefers to make chat and reaction streams.

As the fame of Nimu Nombre grew, people were curious to learn more about the real person behind the screen.

Nimu Nombre Real Face: What Does the VTuber Look Like In Real Life?

Over the years, content creator Nimu Nombre has questioned their real identity.

It is confirmed that the person behind the channel is a female in her 20s.

However, Nimu Nombre has not revealed her real appearance, as she often covers her face in streams.

Nimu Nombre real
Nimu is not comfortable sharing her real appearance. (Source: Twitter)

Further, she uses emojis or drawings to cover herself in photos she posts.

In many instances, fans have only seen the hair and the lower body of the content creator.

However, in 2022, Nimu accidentally showed her face during a livestream.

After this, she cut off the transmission and started another stream, explaining what happened.

Despite the explanation, someone leaked photographs of Nimu’s face without a mask, along with two full-body photos.

The streamer later apologized for the blunder through her social media account.

Likewise, in most of her streams, viewers only see the animated version of Nimu as they interact.

Nimu Nombre live streams
Nimu often shares reactions or chat streams. (Source: Twitter)

The 3D avatar appears as a cheerful girl with white shoes, a skirt, and long stockings, as well as a blue and purple off-the-shoulder sweater.

Additionally, the purple side features a printed moon, and the blue side features a printed sun.

Moreover, her recent costumes have been based on a sky theme with a gradient-colored jumpsuit dress.

Now, the streamer’s avatar has a moon printed on her chest and the sun on her skirt.

Further, Nimu also wears a purple ribbon in her hair, a dark purple necklace holding a star and a crescent, and a golden bracelet.

Fans adore the animated version of Nimu as they watch her video.

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The Cheery VTuber: Career History

The career of Nimu is one of the most successful for a Vtuber who started out from the bottom.

Initially, Nimu debuted as a Vtuber on Facebook in 2020 because it was still widely used by Latina.

Later, she created her YouTube account and started uploading videos, as well as hosting her first live stream.

Then, Nimu began uploading short videos and doing occasional live streams on the platform, which caused her subscriber count to skyrocket.

Nimu Nombre avatar
Nimu admitted that many watched her due to her loli avatar. (Source: Facebook)

In September 2020, she became the first Spanish-speaking VTuber to enter the top 50 non-Japanese VTubers with the most subscribers.

Moreover, the streamer created a secondary channel NimuVT which surpasses the subscriber count of the former account.

People worldwide loved Nimu for her bright, cheerful personality on the screen.

Furthermore, Nimu introduced her first 3D model to be used in all the videos.

After a year, Nimu changed the design to achieve a more adolescent look.

Despite the popularity, Nimu was the target of toxic fans and mishaps on Facebook, so she moved to Twitch.

Following her streams on Twitch, she introduced a new avatar made by Rika and TheArtGun.

It was possibly the most anticipated stream to date, as it garnered over 50k viewers.

Throughout the years, Nimu and her online persona have undergone many changes which have gained much traction.

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