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Kiryu Coco – Virtual YouTuber Profile & Real Face

Kiryu Coco Real Face

Kiryu Coco Real Face

Kiryu Coco, also known as 桐生ココ, was a prominent female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who gained popularity through her association with Hololive. She made her debut as part of Hololive’s fourth generation of VTubers, joining fellow members Tsunomaki Watame, Tokoyami Towa, Amane Kanata, and Himemori Luna. Throughout her career, Coco became renowned for her impressive fluency in both Japanese and English, allowing her to connect with a wide audience.

Coco’s retirement took place in July 2021 and was marked by an extraordinary graduation ceremony that garnered significant attention. Her distinctive content included hosting shows such as AsaCoco Live News and Reddit Meme Review, where she engaged with her fans and showcased her unique style. Additionally, Coco achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the world’s highest-earning VTuber in terms of super chat donations, further solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the virtual entertainment industry.

Overall, Kiryu Coco’s impact as a talented bilingual VTuber and her impressive achievements during her time with Hololive have left a lasting legacy, contributing to the vibrant and diverse community of Virtual YouTubers.

Personal Details




3502 years old


17 June


Human form: 180 cm (5’11”)
Dragon form: 7m (23′)

Zodiac Sign




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