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Is Shanks or Blackbeard Rocks D. Xebec Son? Theories and Assumptions

In the vast and intricate world of One Piece, few mysteries loom as large as the identity of Rocks D Xebec son.

Fans have long speculated whether the enigmatic heir to the Rocks legacy is none other than the Red-Haired Shanks or the ambitious Marshall D Teach, known as Blackbeard.

This article delves into the prevalent theories and assumptions surrounding Rocks D Xebec son, exploring the tantalizing clues and intricate details that fuel the ongoing debate within the One Piece community.

The Red-Haired Heir to Rocks D Xebec Legacy? Unraveling the Clues

The first theory propels Shanks into the spotlight as the potential offspring of Rocks D Xebec.

Proponents of this theory draw attention to the mysterious elements surrounding Shanks’s character and his connection to significant players in the One Piece world.

Rocks D Xebec son is envisioned as inheriting not only the striking long hair but also the formidable legacy of a captain who once terrorized the seas.

Rocks D. Xebec Son
Shanks, And his Fellow Crewmates

The theory gains momentum from Shanks’ deep understanding of the Void Century, hinted at by his interactions with the Gorosei.

Clues are woven into the narrative, suggesting a hidden lineage that ties Shanks to Rocks D Xebec, and the theory speculates that the Red-Haired Yonko is poised to fulfill his father’s legacy in the unfolding chapters of the Great Pirate Era.

But recent developments in manga Chapter 1083 left One Piece fans shocked when Oda introduced a group of characters known as holy Knights, who protect the Celestial Dragon; being in the middle, he appears to be the group’s leader and resembled Shanks.

The uncanny resembles of the character’s body and clothing were similar to Shanks.

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Blackbeard: Ambitions and Darkness – Signs of Rocks D Xebec Son?

Contrary to the Shanks theory, another compelling hypothesis places Blackbeard in the
center of Rocks D Xebec’s lineage.

Blackbeard’s insatiable thirst for power, cunning ambitions, and shadowy past align with the characteristics expected of the son of the infamous Rocks.

Blackbeard Enjoying at Pirate Island Hachinosu.

The theory speculates that Blackbeard, driven by a desire to continue his father’s legacy, is working to revive the influence of the Rocks Pirates in the world.

Clues supporting Blackbeard as Rocks D Xebec son, including his keen interest in acquiring powerful Devil Fruits, affiliation with remnants of the Rocks Pirates, and the ominous nature that shrouds his character.

Fans point out that Blackbeard’s journey is intricately tied to Rocks, seeing how he chose the same place as Rocks where the Rocks pirates Hachinosu, also known as Pirate Island, indicates that there is some relation between them.

Also, the nature of Blackbread pirates is somewhat similar to the Rocks pirates, being rowdy, violent, and extremely Ruthless.

The Unresolved Mystery: Rocks D Xebec Son Continues to Shape the Story

The unresolved mystery of Rocks D Xebec son remains a captivating enigma, poised
to leave a lasting imprint on the unfolding One Piece narrative.

This ongoing legacy promises far-reaching impacts, adding layers of complexity to the story.

Rocks D Xebec, Captain of Rocks Pirates

Whether the heir is revealed to be Shanks, Blackbeard, or an unforeseen character, the consequences are expected to be profound.

The thematic exploration of generational conflicts within the One Piece world echoes through this unresolved lineage, with implications set to reverberate through the new era of piracy.

As Eiichiro Oda continues to weave the intricate tapestry of the One Piece narrative, the enigmatic legacy of Rocks D Xebec son serves as a compelling thread, inviting fans to speculate, theorize, and eagerly await the revelations yet to come.

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