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Is Akainu Good? Good Deeds Done by The Fleet Admiral

In anime and manga, characters often blur between good and evil.

One such character who has sparked countless debates among fans is Sakazuki, better known as Akainu, the Fleet Admiral of the Marines in the popular series “One Piece.”

Akainu’s actions throughout the series have been both controversial and thought-provoking.

In this article, we will delve into the character of Akainu and explore the good deeds attributed to this polarizing figure.

Sakazuki, best known by his old Admiral nickname Akainu, is one of the series’ primary villains. He was an avid promoter of the Marine philosophy of “Absolute Justice.”

He served as one of the three Marine Admirals with Kizaru and Aokiji until being appointed to Fleet Admiral as Sengoku’s successor upon the latter’s retirement after the Paramount War.

So, jump in to get your question ‘Is Akainu Good?’ answered.

The Controversial Figure of Akainu

Before we jump into the question: ‘Is Akainu Good?’, it’s essential to understand the complex nature of this character.

Akainu is portrayed as a strict, ruthless Marine who believes in absolute justice. He is known for his uncompromising attitude towards pirates and criminals, often resorting to extreme measures to eliminate threats to the world government.

This uncompromising nature has led many fans to view him as a villain, but is there more to his character than meets the eye?

Akainu is one of the most feared Admirals in One Piece.
Akainu is one of the most feared Admirals in One Piece.

The public sees Marines as decent men in the universe of One Piece, whereas pirates are portrayed as nasty marauders. But, as we’ve seen, many pirates are good-hearted people who cherish liberty (e.g., Shanks, Luffy, Whitebeard).

On the other hand, Oda usually expresses good and evil through a character’s heart and deeds. So, from that vantage point, Akainu is an awful bastard.

He is also regarded as one of the franchise’s primary antagonists (the other being Blackbeard). But, unlike Teach, who acts evil for his selfish gain, Akainu acts evil for what he perceives to be the “greater good.”

I wouldn’t say he’s evil. But, after seeing what he did in Ohara, it’s difficult to argue that the person isn’t a nasty guy.

He appears to be concerned about the overall status of the globe, and he would prefer it if it were calm. But his techniques are unquestionably horrific.

The issue of whether Akainu is “good” or not is complicated.

He might be considered a character driven by a rigorous sense of justice and duty within the framework of the “One Piece” universe and its moral difficulties. He relentlessly pursues pirates and criminals to keep the peace and protect innocent people.

However, this ambition frequently leads him to make ethically dubious actions, such as killing the Ohara people, which remains a source of debate and controversy among fans.

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Good Deeds Done by The Fleet Admiral: Is Akainu Good?

So, the main question is, Is Akainu Good? I don’t think he’s a villain in the classic sense; his method does not align with our sense of justice, so we think of him as a negative character.

But in One Piece, Pirates are shown to be the evil form, and from what I have read and understood, he is concerned about people worldwide.

While his tactics are ruthless, it is understandable why he wanted to rid himself of Ace and Luffy, two people he believed could inspire rebellions and new pirates.

Is akainu good?
Akainu has the power of Magma Magma fruit

Universally horrible since the conflict became meaningless following Ace’s execution; hence, troops deserting a meaningless war were portrayed more compassionately. However, the penalty for desertion is death in almost all societies.

Executing deserting troops was not only a legal and moral act for Akainu to execute but also his job.

One unmistakable characteristic of Akainu’s character is his steadfast dedication to the Marines’s values. He is adamant about upholding peace and order in the universe of “One Piece” by removing pirates and criminals.

Akainu’s time as Fleet Admiral was defined by his dogged pursuit of some of the world’s most known pirates. He has spared no effort in tracking down and neutralizing these dangers to the world’s stability, from the Whitebeard Pirates to the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Marines benefit under Akainu’s leadership in terms of unity and discipline. This unity is required for the organization to carry out its purpose of battling piracy and safeguarding the world.

While Akainu’s ways are sometimes harsh, his subordinates appreciate his adherence to the Marine code and his willingness to carry out his tasks regardless of the hardships.

Reesav Niraula
Reesav Niraula
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