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How Did Uruha Rushia Got Terminated?

Uruha Rushia, a prominent talent of Hololive, the biggest VTuber agency, has recently been terminated by Cover Corporation, the parent company. This termination comes as a result of Uruha Rushia’s breach of contract, jeopardizing the trust and integrity of her role as a VTuber. In this article, we delve into the details surrounding the termination, exploring the reasons behind the decision, the implications it carries, and the aftermath for Uruha Rushia’s career.

The Announcement of Termination

Cover Corporation, responsible for managing the talents under the Hololive brand, made a public announcement that it would be terminating Uruha Rushia from the agency. This announcement sent shockwaves through the VTuber community and her dedicated fan base, as she was known for her engaging content and lively personality.

Breach of Contract

Uruha Rushia’s termination stemmed from a breach of her talent contract. As a VTuber, she was entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding confidential information related to the agency, its projects, and her fellow talents. However, it was revealed that Rushia had leaked this sensitive information to third parties, a violation that compromised the trust and confidentiality expected from her.

Violation of Trust and Integrity

The leak of confidential information by Uruha Rushia undermined the trust and integrity that lie at the core of the VTuber industry. VTubers are considered virtual idols who interact with their fans in a virtual environment, and their popularity largely depends on the authenticity and trust they establish. Rushia’s breach of trust not only affected the agency but also raised concerns among fans about the overall security and privacy measures implemented within the industry.

Termination Decision

Cover Corporation’s decision to terminate Uruha Rushia was not taken lightly. As the parent company, it had a responsibility to protect the reputation and interests of the agency, as well as the other talents under its management. The breach of contract and leaking of sensitive information were deemed severe violations, leaving the company with no choice but to sever ties with Rushia.

Impact on Uruha Rushia’s Career

Being dismissed from Hololive after breaching her talent contract undoubtedly has profound implications for Uruha Rushia’s career. As one of the most well-known VTubers, she had amassed a considerable fan following and had collaborations with various content creators and companies. Her termination not only brings an abrupt halt to these opportunities but also raises questions about her credibility and trustworthiness in future endeavors.

The Fallout for Hololive and the VTuber Community

Uruha Rushia’s termination sheds light on the importance of maintaining confidentiality and trust within the VTuber community. It serves as a reminder that talents are accountable for protecting sensitive information and that breaches can have far-reaching consequences. The incident also prompts agencies and platforms to review and strengthen their security measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

How Uruha Rushia got terminated VTuber

Uruha Rushia was terminated as a VTuber for breaching her talent contract by leaking confidential information to third parties.

How Uruha Rushia got terminated video

There may be videos discussing Uruha Rushia’s termination from Hololive, but it is advisable to refer to official announcements or reliable sources for accurate information.

How Uruha Rushia got terminated on Twitter

There may have been discussions and reactions on Twitter regarding Uruha Rushia’s termination from Hololive, as it is a popular platform for fans to engage and share their thoughts.

How Uruha Rushia got terminated Reddit

There may have been discussions and threads on Reddit about Uruha Rushia’s termination from Hololive, as it is a platform where fans often gather to share and discuss news related to VTubers and Hololive.

How Uruha Rushia got terminated on hololive

Uruha Rushia was terminated from Hololive by Cover Corporation, the parent company, due to her breach of the talent contract by leaking confidential information to third parties.


The termination of Uruha Rushia from Hololive by Cover Corporation marks a significant event in the VTuber industry. Rushia’s breach of contract, leading to the leak of confidential information, forced the parent company to take decisive action to protect its reputation and the integrity of the industry. The incident serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the need for VTubers to prioritize trust, integrity, and confidentiality in their roles as virtual idols. As for Uruha Rushia, her termination from Hololive poses challenges for her future career prospects, requiring her to rebuild her reputation and regain the trust of her fan base.

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