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Gojo vs Hanami: 2 Fights Step-by-Step, As They Happened

Titanic proportions clash in the dynamic and dangerous world of Jujutsu Kaisen, where cursed spirits and sorcerers collide.

One intense showdown that captivated fans was the face-off between Satoru Gojo, the enigmatic and overwhelmingly powerful teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu High School.

Hanami is a formidable cursed spirit with a unique and dangerous ability.

Hardcore Jujutsu Kaisen fans already know the answer to who would win in a Gojo vs Hanami match, but still, the process would be fascinating.

Fans had to wait for the fight as their first encounter did not result in any fight!

Let’s delve into two critical battles between Gojo vs Hanami, breaking down each confrontation step by step.

Dance of the Divine and Cursed: The Second Encounter Gojo vs Hanami

The Second time was in the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc; they plan to infiltrate Jujutsu High to reclaim Sukuna’s fingers, which are imprisoned there, along with three of the Death Painting Wombs. As the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc is going on, Hanami, Mahito, Juzo Kumiya, and another curse user infiltrate the campus.

Hanami goes to where the students are fighting and runs into Toge. Hanami then battles Toge till they reach Megumi and Noritoshi.

Hanami informs the three that he wants to safeguard the world by eliminating all humanity. Hanami then attempts to assault the three, but Toge manages to stop her.

Hanami Loves the thrill of the fight with Jujustsu Sorcerers (Source: Fandom)

The three discover Hanami’s weak point is the branches on his head when Toge’s neck gives out. Hanami seizes the opportunity to hurt Noritoshi, but she cannot kill him before Megumi arrives.

When Toge utilizes the last of his might, Hanami is sent flying, but not far. Hanami continues to fight them, causing Maki and Megumi to injure him. Hanami sows a seed that feeds on a sorcerer’s strength while fighting Maki.

Yuji and Aoi arrive and save the two as Hanami attempts to hold them both down. Hanami then faces Yuji, and during the fight, Hanami is injured by Yuji’s Black Flash.

Hanami recovers himself after being injured and removes the constraint on his left arm. During the battle, Hanami recalls Mahito telling him he should enjoy himself more.

Hanami continues to fight and reflects on how much he enjoys this battle. Hanami is continuously damaged by Aoi and Yuji’s assaults when Aoi begins using Boogie Woogie.

Hanami is driven into a corner and collects life energy from nearby plants before preparing to strike, but she is stopped when Gojo ruins the screen.

Hanami is subsequently attacked by Gojo’s Hollow Technique: Purple technique and is severely injured, but he manages to flee, barely clinging to life.

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Harmony of Destruction: Gojo vs Hanami – Unraveling the Final Battle

On October 31, Hanami is in the curtain at Shibuya with Jogo and Choso. Hanami and the others get ready to fight Gojo when he arrives at their location.

Hanami then blocks Gojo’s escape, but Gojo claims he has no intention of fleeing. After that, they encircle Gojo with people.

Hanami and Jogo can attack Gojo using Hanami’s Domain Amplification technique because Choso distracts Gojo by assaulting them, but Gojo escapes.

gojo vs Hanami
Hanami meets death on Shibuya Arc at Gojo’s hands (Source: Fandom)

Gojo removes the blindfold covering his eyes and declares that after fighting Hanami twice, he has still not learned how to defeat him.

Hanami and Jogo assault Gojo as he approaches them, but Gojo deftly avoids their blows.

Hanami considers what Gojo is plotting while Jogo tries to get away, but Gojo quickly chases after him. However, Hanami notices that Gojo has turned off his cursed power. Hanami attempts to unleash his cursed power, but Jogo warns him not to turn off his amplifier.

Suddenly, Gojo grabs the branches and pulls them off Hanami’s head. Choso can briefly divert Gojo, allowing Hanami and Jogo to launch their attack.

Gojo uses the opportunity to employ his skill and push Hanami against a wall while she is weak. Thus killing her.

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