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[ONE PIECE] Enel Vs Kizaru: Most Anticipated Battle Of The Logia-type Devil Fruit

Among many discussions between the ‘One Piece’ fans, one debate remains the most heated, the debate about the most anticipated battle of the logia-type Devil Fruit. The battle between Enel vs Kizaru.

In the exciting world of One Piece, where pirates, marines, and strange powers come together, two characters stand out: Enel and Kizaru.

These two people have amazing powers. Enel can control lightning, and Kizaru can control light.

Fans of the show have wondered what would occur if these two characters fought each other.

Let’s talk about the backgrounds and abilities of Enel and Kizaru, getting ready for what might be the most exciting battle in One Piece.

Enel vs Kizaru: Masters of Lightning and Light in One Piece

Enel comes into the One Piece story as the strict ruler of Skypiea, a sky island full of legends and wonder.

Thanks to his special Devil Fruit called the Goro Goro no Mi.

God Enel
According to some fans, Enel has a slight advantage over Kizaru (Source: Instagram)

Enel uses his Devil fruit to create, control, and turn into lightning itself. He ruled with a heavy hand, using his powerful electric abilities to maintain control.

He can create lightning bolts and control how strong they are. And even wipe out whole islands with the help of his ship.

His abilities make him a tough opponent when it comes to the Enel vs Kizaru debate.

Enel’s control over metal allows him to reshape gold into weapons, showing off how versatile his powers really are.

Talking about Kizaru, this Marine Admiral’s real name is Borsalino. As an admiral, Kizaru holds a high-ranking position in the Marines.

The debate remains heated; fans wait for Kizaru to fight Enel. (Source: Instagram)

He’s known for being exceptionally skilled in combat and holding significant authority.

Kizaru’s abilities come from the Pika Pika no Mi, a special Devil Fruit that gives him control over light.

He’s really good at using this power. He can move at the speed of light, shoot powerful laser beams, and perform fast and strong kicks.

In different parts of One Piece, Kizaru often plays the role of a bad guy, showing off the full extent of his power.

All this amidst the ongoing battle between Akainu and Kuma!

Fans Discuss: Most Anticipated Logia-type Devil Fruit Showdown

Enel can control lightning, and Kizaru is super fast. Fans are excited about the idea of them fighting.

Imagine Enel vs Kizaru, a battle between lightning and super-speed; it would be incredible! Even though it hasn’t happened in the story yet, fans can’t wait for the day when it does.

Enel and Kizaru are the best at using their special powers; if they fight, it will be amazing. We can only dream about what will happen when Enel and Kizaru meet in One Piece.

Kizaru vs Enel
The most anticipated war between two of the strongest remains uncertain. (Source: Reddit)

Fans have different opinions about who would win in a fight between Kizaru vs Enel. Some fans think Enel has more advantages and flexibility with his lightning-based Devil Fruit.

Unlike Kizaru, he doesn’t have to move in a straight line when using his lightning speed, which makes him fast and adaptable.

Whereas Kizaru’s supporters argue that his Devil Fruit can cause explosions. And make his attacks more powerful using light. This gives him an edge in battle.

Another fan agrees that Enel’s Devil Fruit is stronger but also points out that Enel might have an advantage at sea.

This is because water conducts electricity, and since Enel controls lightning. His attacks could be very effective in battles that happen in the ocean.

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