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Does Chuuya Kill Dazai? Latest Episode Cliffhanger

With a nerve-wracking episode of Bungo Stray Dogs, fans are left wondering does Chuuya kill Dazai.

Bungo Stray Dogs is a manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa.

The plot follows members of the Armed Detective Agency as they try to protect Yokohama city from the Port Mafia.

Further, the main character, Atsushi Nakajima, is a weretiger who joins the agency after being saved by Osamu Dazai. Other series characters also have supernatural powers, which they use to solve mysteries and carry out missions.

Amidst the recent exciting episodes, fans are now curious and shrouded with the question: Does Chuuya kill Dazai?

Does Chuuya Kill Dazai? Latest Episode Cliffhanger

As the series takes on an unexpected turn, it has left fans wondering about the state of Dazai.

Dazai is a member of the Armed Detective Agency and a former executive member of the Port Mafia. He uses the power ‘No Longer Human,’ which allows Dazai to void others’ abilities on contact.

Further, Dazai is a mysterious person with high intelligence, negotiation skills, and physical prowess.

Similarly, popular Japanese author Osamu Dazai inspired writers to name the character after him.

does chuuya kill dazai
Dazai working hard in Detective Agency (Source: Instagram)

In the final moments of season 5, episode 10, Chuuya shoots Dazai on his shoulders and later in his head. And to answer the question, the writers have not revealed whether Dazai is alive or dead.

Besides, Chuuya shoots Dazai multiple times, and the episode ends with Dazai looking unconscious. Although in the manga, Dazai speaks before collapsing, the detail was left out in the anime adaptation.

In the initial parts of the episode, Dazai and Sigma escape the flooding elevator after shooting through the vents, hitting the wire that controls the doors.

Afterward, Sigma touches Fyodor and sees various rays of light, which are probably strings of information, before he falls onto his back.

There were many speculations regarding this episode’s flow, and viewers were more than surprised by the turn of events.

Moreover, the cliffhanger of Dazai’s state has left fans worried about his return anytime soon in the series.

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Why Did Chuyaa Shoot Dazai? Actual Reason Explained

Chuuya is a member of Port Mafia as well as Dazai’s former partner during his mafia days.

He has the ability ‘Upon The Tainted Sorrow,’ which allows him to manipulate the gravity of anything he touches. Further, Chuuya and Dazai never really got along, as Dazai always attacked his pride.

Currently, Fyodor is controlling Chuuya’s vampire state through unknown means. After his escape from the elevator, Dazai is hurting and cannot move.

Chuuya arrives in front of him, and Dazai tells him to come and give him a punch, but Fyodor stops Chuuya.

Further, Fyodor tells Chuuya to use a gun instead because Dazai can void Chuuya’s form by touching him. Following the order, Chuuya pulls out a gun and shoots Dazai multiple times.

Fyodor is a pivotal member of the 'Decay of the Angels'
Fyodor is a pivotal member of the ‘Decay of the Angels’ (Source: Twitter)

Fyodor assumes that Dazai has run out of plan, and Dazai says that maybe a miracle will happen and Chuuya will return to normal. Moreover, Dazai tries to talk to Chuuya, “Our destiny cannot end in such a place because we are destined to…

But before Dazai could finish, Chuuya shot him in the head, probably killing him.

Moreover, Chuuya stands there staring at Dazai’s body while Fyodor says goodbye to him through the monitors.

Since the anime has caught up to the manga, future events are unknown to the public, but fans hope this is not the end for their favorite character. Moreover, the final episode of the season will be released on September 20.

BSD enjoyers have taken to the internet to create multiple theories and predictions.

Nevertheless, the final episode is bound to be filled with unexpected twists and turns as the anticipation is really high this time around.

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