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Bubi VTuber

Bubi Face Reveal

Bubi Face Reveal

Bubi is a highly distinctive and intriguing character in the world of VTubing. With his devilish appearance, including striking red skin, black horns, and glowing eyes, he immediately captures the attention of anyone who encounters him. He is a charismatic and confident individual, with a deep, booming voice that perfectly matches his imposing presence.

As his full name suggests, Bubi’s character is based on the idea of a demon prince, and he has fully embraced this persona. He describes himself as a “conqueror of the underworld,” and his content frequently revolves around themes of darkness, sin, and suffering. However, he also has a sense of humor and often injects playfulness into his videos, making him a well-rounded entertainer.

In terms of his content, Bubi is primarily a gamer and often streams himself playing a variety of popular titles. He is a skilled player, and his competitive nature and love of strategy games are evident in his gameplay. However, he also occasionally creates more personal content, such as Q&A sessions or vlogs, which allow his audience to get to know him better.

One of the things that set Bubi apart from many other VTubers is his dedication to interactivity. He is highly engaged with his audience and frequently responds to comments and questions during his streams. He also encourages his viewers to participate in various challenges and competitions, creating a strong sense of community around his channel.

Overall, Bubi is a captivating and dynamic VTuber with a unique persona and a strong dedication to his craft. His channel has quickly gained a following, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Personal Details




“Old enough to steal your mother’s heart”


1 April


213 cm (7ft)


“Demonic measurements don’t translate well in human language”

Zodiac Sign







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