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Aramaki vs Shanks: Powerful Showdown [Why Did Shanks Save Everyone?]

The anime realm is renowned for delivering intense battles with unique twists and turns.

Among these, the Aramaki vs Shanks showdown stands out for the fierce combat and the unexpected decision that Shanks made during the battle.

This article dives into the decisive clash between these two formidable warriors, exploring the intricacies that led to Shanks’ heroic act.

Unraveling the Epic Clash – Aramaki vs Shanks

The clash between two formidable figures, Aramaki and Shanks, has captivated the imagination of One-Piece fans.

Aramaki is a Marine admiral who goes by an alias, Ryokugyu.

During the two-year time gap, he was appointed to his rank through a World Military Draft (next to Fujitora) to replace the two admiral openings brought about by Kuzan’s retirement and Sakazuki’s promotion.

Donquixote Doflamingo made the first reference of Ryokugyu in the Dressrosa Arc.
Near the conclusion of the Wano Country arc, his appearance and actual name were revealed.

Shanks’ Haki intimidates Ryokugyu.

The confrontation happens when Ryokugyu reaches Wano and decides to attack the Animal Pirates and Straw hat pirates without approval from the World government.

When he defeats the samurai of the Wano and the Red Scabbards during the battle, he decides to attack the Momonosuke group, including Straw Hat Luffy.

This is where Shanks used his Haoshoku Haki to paralyze Ryokugyu and instructed the Admiral to get lost for attempting to arrest Luffy.

Ryokugyu reluctantly applied and left, for he had not come to fight Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates, at least not yet.

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Profound Clash Of Ideologies

Ryokugyu is depicted to act casually and uncouthly, unafraid of expressing himself.

Regarding foes, Ryokugyu has shown blatant scorn, much like his immediate boss, Sakazuki, whom he admires.

Ryokugyu demonstrates his ruthlessness by using his devil fruit to propagate plant roots.

The roots twisted around and stabbed the Beast Pirates’ scattered members before sucking the life essence from Kaido’s warriors, including the King and Queen.

This shows he is very much a follower of Absolute Justice.

aramaki vs shanks
Ryokugyu assaults anyone who gets in his path.

On the other hand, Shanks is a very laid-back man who prefers to travel around the world with his team and have fun rather than hurrying from one destination to another.

Shanks, despite his outward simplicity, has a complicated moral code. His dislike of fighting has led him to believe that if personal ideas differ, they should part ways, regardless of how close the persons are.

According to the Five Elders, Shanks is a natural peacemaker who does not intentionally want to cause chaos and disturbance.

He is likewise opposed to unnecessary bloodshed, even if it is for honor, and appears only to fight when a comrade is in danger.

In the Wano arc, where Shanks uses Haki to stop Aramaki, we see the principles of freedom, camaraderie, and the importance of personal choices.

Their conflicting beliefs set the stage for an emotional and high-stakes showdown between these two titans.

The Mysterious Motivations- Shanks’ Decision to Save Everyone

In an unexpected turn of events during the combat, Shanks interrupts the battle to save everyone involved.

The question that arises is: Why did Shanks make this choice?

This unexpected act raises questions about his motivations and the greater purpose behind his actions.

The answer lies in Shanks’ unwavering belief in the inherent goodness within every individual.

Beyond the raw display of power and the rivalry that defined their clash, Shanks saw a shared desire to protect loved ones.

Shanks and Aramaki talking through Haki.

His decision to save everyone became a testament to proper strength, showcasing that power can transcend conflict when wielded with compassion and understanding.

Here, in the aftermath of Wano, where Shanks stopped Aramaki, many of us have one question: Why did Shanks interfere? If Alliance is that powerful, why not just let them beat up Aramaki?

The Official Answer we get is that “they are exhausted.”

Shanks argues that the weary Alliance cannot handle Aramaki and that Aramaki would have an unfair edge because he would be “fighting dirty” for a result.

Aramaki vs Shanks showdown not only delivered a spectacle of extraordinary combat but also presented a profound exploration of the human condition within the anime narrative.

Shanks’ unexpected decision to save lives and Aramaki’s to follow his motto, Determined Justice, to never hold back when battling enemies add layers of complexity to both characters, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of anime battles.

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