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Amelia Watson Real Face: What Does The VTuber Look Like?

Amelia Watson is a very famous Virtual YouTuber or ‘VTuber’ famously known as ‘Hololive’s no 1 detective’. She has been a topic of discussion ever since her debut, and now people want to know who is the real face behind her. Let’s explore.

She is an English-speaking character who is a female and made her debut in the year 2020 as Hololive Englis’s first generation ‘Myth.’ 

Many love Amelia for her impressive investigation skills and also for her cute, playful nickname, ‘Amechan.’ 

She was born on the 6th of January and has a deep passion for FPS and puzzle games. 

One of her favorite things to do is to train her reflexes while solving the mysteries. 

However, currently, the mystery for her fans to solve is about Amelia Watson real face.

The Connection Between Vtubers Amelia Watson Real Face and Sachiowo

So, who is the real face behind the amazing Vtuber Amelia Watson? We have got some hints.

Her real face has been revealed to the netizens but not by her own YouTube channel.

Amelia Vtuber
Amelia Watson is such a cute character that has everyone loving her. (Source: Twitter)

There is another character that has turned into a famous Vtuber, and her name is Sachiowo.

Sachiowo initially used a Twitch streamer and later made her way to YouTube as people began liking her content even more.

In her initial days on YouTube, Sachiowo mainly made posts sharing clips from her Twitch streams.

People really loved interacting with her as she played various games and made other entertaining content.

Similar to Amelia, Sachiowo has also allegedly got an offer from Hololive which she could not resisit.

The deal was that she should erase all her previous online identities, including her Twitter account, VODs, and YouTube videos.

Amelia Watson
Amelia Watson will never fail to amaze her fans with her amazing investigation skills. (Source: Twitter)

This was for her to come out with a new and fresh character, that being our beloved Amelia Watson.

So, coming to the point, it was during the time when the real face of Amelia Watson, used to play Sachiowo’s character when her face was revealed.

In one of her live streams, the real faces of both Sachiowo and Amelia Watson came forward.

Fans Adore Vtuber Amelia Watson’s Real Face, But Will There Be Another Reveal?

Many people have written on several occasions about how cute the real face of both the characters is.

Some fans also wrote that Amelia Watson real face really resembles her online character.

They think that she looks exactly like what they had imagined her to look like.

During the face reveal live as Sachiowo, she was with her pet dog.

This cute little detail adds more to her mysterious identity and makes many love her even more.

Amelia Watson Real
The reveal of Amelia Watson real face has indeed added more depth to her character. (Source: Twitter)

However, after that, one face reveals she has never done another one yet.

There are assumptions that she may be in some contracts with Hololive, which restricts her from doing that.

Amelia Watson fans are really happy to at least get a glimpse of their favorite character’s real face.

This being said it is indeed important to not dig up more about her as it may get her in trouble with Hololive.

Let’s wait for some time until Amelia and hOlolive themselves decide on the right to do another proper face reveal.

Until that time, we do have our cute investigator entertaining us with her quirkiness.

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