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Akainu Vs Kuma: Certain Victory Or A Sudden Twist

After an action-packed episode, One Piece fans eagerly wait for the release of the new chapter. Spoilers have confirmed an upcoming thrilling installment with the battle between Akainu Vs Kuma.

In the One Piece manga and Anime series, Kuma is part of the Shichibukai, while Akainu holds the position of Fleet Admiral within the Marines.

They are powerful characters with intense battle experience and knowledge.

After numerous comparisons between these two characters, fans have been eagerly expecting their battle.

After a long wait, in episode 1092, a battle between Kuma and Akainu is shown. Viewers are filled with excitement as they eagerly await the battle’s outcome.

Will there be a certain victory in the battle of Akainu vs Kuma? Keep reading to find out.

Who Is The Strongest? Akainu Vs Kuma

The fight between Akainu and Bartholomew Kuma is like a big showdown between a powerful Marine and a tough pirate.

Kuma wields the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw Paw Fruit), which grants him the power to repel objects and attacks with his paws.

On the other hand, thanks to his Magu Magu Fruit, Akainu can create, control, and transform his body into magma.

Marine Admiral Akainu
Akainu, the fleet admiral of marines, is one of the strongest characters in One Piece. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Kuma is a really tough fighter, famous for being super strong and having a unique skill.

Akainu is one of the top Marines, famous for being incredibly good at fighting.

Moreover, he’s also a master of his special power from eating a Devil Fruit. This power makes him even more dangerous in battle.

Furthermore, Aakinu, a well-known villain in the series, plays a major role in the Marine’s efforts to eliminate the pirate threat.

A character like him battling with a mysterious background pirate known for his unique ability excites fans.

As one of One Piece‘s most vicious and reviled antagonists, viewers wonder if Kuma even stands a chance against him.

It is written in the books that Akainu, the fleet admiral, is stronger than Kuma. But we won’t know for sure until they actually battle.

That’s why fans eagerly await chapter 1092 to see if there will be a certain victory.

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Will There Be A Certain Victory in the Battle of Akainu vs Kuma?

Obviously, massive spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1092, so read at your own risk.

Chapter 1092 is called “Tyrant’s Rampage in Mary Geoise Incident.” In this episode, a character who’s both loved and hated by fans, Admiral Akainu, is making a comeback.

In this chapter, you’ll see a fight between Akainu vs Kuma.

At the beginning of the episode, Kuma arrives at Mary Geoise. When he arrives, he meets some guards who try to stop him.

However, Kuma swiftly deals with them using his Ursus Shock move, injuring some Tenryuubito in the process.

Akainu is in shock about how a brainless cyborg, Kuma, could attack the Mary Geoise
Akainu is in shock about how a brainless cyborg, Kuma, could attack the Mary Geoise

Admiral Akainu suddenly shows up to confront Kuma. He’s confused about why Kuma, who looks like a lifeless doll, is in the Holy Land.

Thereafter, they begin an intense battle, and Akainu unleashes his devastating Hellhound attack. He had also previously used this attack against Whitebeard, a strong pirate.

What happens next might disappoint many viewers who were eager to see who would win the battle.

Surprisingly, Kuma doesn’t try to protect himself; instead, he quickly leaves and vanishes.

So, sorry to inform excited viewers who eagerly awaited the battle’s winner. But the unexpected happened. The story suddenly changed, and the battle didn’t actually finish.

Regardless, this will keep the fans glued to the edge of their seats for what’s to come.

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